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Help - After Hours: Home

This guide is meant to help students find research after the library is closed.

Frequently Asked Questions


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How to Add/Drop Classes 

-Log onto LOLA 

-Click on self-service Banner 

-Click on student 

-Go to add classes tab in the top left-hand corner of the page 

- Or go to view registration details and add classes there by click on add/drop box 

How to Print 

- Download the file that you need to print 

- Print the file (You must choose the printer, “LibraryXerox on papercut”) 

Go to in with your computer credentials (User name and PW that you used to log in this computer) 

- Go to Jobs Pending Release and you will see the file that you printed 

- Click Print (below ACTION category) 

You can also check how much balance you have and spent