Printing Policy


The Student Printing Policy outlines the guidelines for student printing at Fletcher Technical Community College.  


Fletcher Technical Community College provides printing resources in support of research and education with the use of computers and other instructional devices. Each enrolled student will have a set number of free prints, with the ability to purchase additional prints when the initial allocation is exhausted.


Student Printing Policy

  • Each semester students will receive a Free Quota Balance of 120 pages = $12.00 credit. Once the quota is reached students are financially responsible for printing costs.
  • Printing costs 10¢ per page. Any funds that a student adds will be carried over each semester. Unused funds are not eligible for refund upon graduation. The Free Quota balance will not carry over and will reset each semester.
  • Students can pay via credit/debit card online or may pay cash at Fletcher’s cashier windows located at the Schriever campus.
  • Student printing is located at the library and in the student area at the Thibodaux facility.
  • Printing is only available in black and white.
  • No specialty paper or ink may be substituted in the Xerox machine other than the standard paper and ink facilitated by Fletcher.
  • If the machine malfunctions, a staff member should be notified. Users should not attempt to fix the malfunction themselves.
  • Printing errors caused by technical malfunction may be reprinted by a staff member at their discretion. Refunds will not be given for misprints, formatting issues, failing to log out, or improper use.
  • All maintenance, toner/paper refills/ and resets to the machine should be administered by a Fletcher staff member.
  • Fletcher is not responsible for issues encountered during the use of the machine.
  • Fletcher prohibits duplication and/or replication of copyright materials without express authorization and consent of the author or owner of copyrighted materials