Collection Development Policy


The Collection Development Policy provides guidelines for developing and managing the collections of the Fletcher Technical Community College Library.


The Fletcher Library is committed to developing and maintaining a balanced collection of high quality resources representing diverse perspectives and points of view. The primary goal of the Library collection is to provide the resources and materials to support the curriculum and instructional programs of the institution. Priority is given to instructional materials that meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Material is relevant to the curriculum.
  • Material supports student academic achievement.
  • Material supports personal development.
  • Material aids in the attainment of information literacy competencies.
  • Material supports career goals.
  • Material supports initiatives of Fletcher, LCTCS, and/or the Louisiana Board of Regents.


Fletcher Library supports and endorses the following:

Library Bill of Rights

Interpretations of the Library Bill of Rights

Intellectual Freedom

Freedom to View

Selection Responsibility

The Director of Library Services has final responsibility for development and maintenance of the collection. Librarians, faculty, staff, and students may make recommendations and may be asked to analyze and evaluate materials for selection. Consideration is first given to materials that support a specific course, program, or discipline. 

Formats Collected

The Fletcher Library collects materials in both physical and electronic formats as needed to support the programs and students in those programs at Fletcher. Common materials types purchased include:

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Journals
  • Film
  • Equipment
  • Supplemental Study Material

Occasionally the Library may purchase materials in a non-traditional format if it supports the learning of Fletcher students. Requests are evaluated by the Director of Library Services in terms of elements including scope, cost, quality, and format. Resources must be credible and reliable, broadly relevant to the programs at Fletcher, and adhere to the requirements of this collection development policy.

Criteria for Selecting Material 

Guidelines for selecting material is based on the following:

  • Relevance to the curriculum-based needs of students
  • Relevance to the instructional needs of the faculty
  • Probable need based on existing programs and collections
  • Appropriate academic level of subject treatment and presentation
  • Intellectual content and scholarly worth
  • Currency and longevity as a valuable source
  • Price and availability

Textbooks and Affordable Educational Resources

The Fletcher Library may collect resources that are considered textbooks or other affordable educational resources if the following criteria are met:

  • The material is accessible to all Fletcher students, faculty, and staff.
  • The cost of the material is able to be supported by the Library budget.
  • The material is accessible by multiple users at one time.

Course Reserves are not considered a replacement for ownership of required course materials. Course materials already in the Library collection may be put on reserve by the faculty member teaching the course to enhance access to course materials. Titles that are considered classics in their field and are required course materials may be considered for purchase.

Gifts and Donations

Gifts are welcomed and will be evaluated based on the criteria for selecting material. Gifts are not automatically added to the collection and are at the discretion of the Director of Library Services. Gifts are accepted with the understanding that materials not added to the collection will be disposed of in ways most advantageous to the library.

Lost Items and Replacements

Resources that are missing, lost, or withdrawn because of wear are not automatically replaced. Materials that are known to be lost are replaced based on the following criteria:

  • importance of the item to the collection
  • demand for the material
  • availability

Resource Sharing

The Library is committed to helping students and faculty access resources that are not part of the Library's collection through the LOUIS Reciprocal Borrowing agreement and Interlibrary Loan. These services are facilitated by the Library and will prioritize access that is of no cost to the library or the student. Interlibrary Loan is offered as the library budget allows and is approved by the Director of Library Services.

Collection Maintenance and Weeding

An annual inventory of the collection will be conducted and material will be evaluated for removal. Accreditation standards may require material to be removed from the collection in certain yearly increments.   

  • R (Nursing): anything older than 5 years will be weeded
  • TJ170-179 (Automotive Technology): anything older than 6 years will be weeded
  • TJ751-805 (Automotive Technology): anything older than 6 years will be weeded
  • TL1-484 (Automotive Technology): anything older than 6 years will be weeded
  • TH7005-7699 (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration): anything older than 6 years will be weeded

Accreditation standards are constantly reviewed and this policy will be updated as necessary. Librarians and faculty will identify materials as candidates for removal from the collection due to obsolescence, damage, multiple copies, superseded editions, outdated and inaccurate information, irrelevance to Fletcher programs, and duplicated content. Items considered for removal will be evaluated carefully and withdrawn if deemed necessary. Disposal of materials will be handled according to the policies for disposal of property by Fletcher and the LCTC System. Current material that no longer supports the curriculum but is in otherwise good condition may be offered to the Fletcher community on a first come basis.

Print periodicals are weeded on a more frequent schedule. Newspapers are kept for 3 months and then discarded. Print serials are kept for one calendar year and then discarded. All discarded materials are handled according to the policies for disposal of property by Fletcher and LCTC System.

Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed periodically and revised as needed to reflect changes in the curriculum and programs of the college, the needs of the library’s user community and relevant information technology advances.